About Us

Founded in 2009 ,BAZAR JUST4ELITE in a family brand that provide the best quality in all morocco for traditional rugs fountains and lights we all are simply committed to provide the best for our exceptional handmade exclusive product for our clients and that since the beginning .

Moroccan rugs are handwoven by skilled artisans and are known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors. They are often made using natural materials such as wool and cotton. Moroccan fountains, on the other hand, are typically made from ceramic or stone and are used as decorative pieces in homes and public spaces. They can range in size from small tabletop fountains to larger outdoor installations.

Handmade rugs are crafted using traditional techniques and can add a unique touch to any space. Fountains can bring a calming and soothing atmosphere to your home or garden. Both handmade rugs and fountains can be found in a variety of styles to match your personal taste and décor.
The rugs, lights, and fountains are designed to convey a narrative or message. Each item may have its own unique story to tell.

all our items its HANDMADE AND certificated